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ALIKAS company is working hard to expand the portfolio of the lighting fixtures. In January 2015, we expanded our own mass production of aluminium luminaires which currently contains 25 different types of profiles for linear and square luminaires that are fitted with standard fluorescent lamps and LEDs. For linear luminaires we also offer installation of MIRO louvre, opal or semiprismatic diffuser. Newly purchased technology of automated programmable bending allows us to produce both circular lights with opal diffuser - again standard with fluorescent tubes and LEDs as well as the production of special lamps with rounded corners. Thanks to our own manufacturing we can offer to our customers and architects completely atypical luminaire design - an idea of the shape of the luminaire is converted by our team of designers and engineers first into the visualization model and then into the real technical design.

We steadily increase our activities in cooperation with architects and designers. Our employees deepen their knowledge through accredited trainings and with each new project they gain more practical experience. This year, we implement a plan to expand the portfolio of rendering and visualization means to expand our service offerings. Furthermore, we plan to expand our network of sales offices in Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia.


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