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BD Na Vackově Prague

BD Na Vackově PragueBD Na Vackově PragueBD Na Vackově Prague

Apartment buildings Vackov Prague – complete delivery of luminares for two apartment buildings. For interiors we used luminaires of our Czech and also foreign partners – 2017


RK Pubec Plzeň

RK Pubec PlzeňRK Pubec PlzeňRK Pubec Plzeň

RK Pubec Plzeň – delivered with luminaires of our customized production – 2016


Mayer Vsetín

Mayer VsetínMayer VsetínMayer Vsetín

Mayer Vsetín – project and delivery of fixtures for a new industry hall for textile machines production – 2016


Marina Island Prague

Marina Island PragueMarina Island PragueMarina Island Prague

Marina Island Prague – design apartment – delivery of interior luminaires of our production and of our foreign partners. Cooperation with Proceram a.s. – 2016


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